woensdag 23 april 2008

Vampire Weekend!

I thought that about now, everyone would have heard about the amazing band called Vampire Weekend. But I mentioned them to a couple of friends the other day and no one seemed to know who they are.
So remember this name: Vampire Weekend.
Though the name might sound kind of goth, it’s the total opposite. This Indie band from New York makes very happy music, with a lot of African tunes mixed into it. Every song begins with a catchy intro, from classical violins to wicked guitars. And then you’ll find yourself in a paradise of fantastic riffs, freaky tunes and wonderful lyrics. From the first second of the album till the last you’ll have a smile on your face.
They sure made my 2008 begin wonderfully!
Best songs: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa & M79 (every song is great actually)


M79 (secret session in Columbia university):

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cleoooooo pikkie ga eens updaten
waarneer gaan we fotos maken? zoooo mooi weer!
nou daaaahaaag
we gaan trouwens ook nog eens naar k , bedenk ik me net.. aangezien ik daar nog nimmer geweest ben