dinsdag 3 juni 2008

Jazzzzzz in Woerden

Saturday I went to a festival called Jazz in Woerden with some friends. I knew that Wouter Hamel and New Cool Collective would come, so I had to go.
Wouter Hamel was really cool, and he has awesome hair;)
At the end he invited us on stage, and we sang some lines along with him, it was fun!
But I was actually more excited about the New Cool Collective, who would play after Wouter Hamel. But when he was finished, it suddenly began to rain very hard and there was thunder right above us. And then I heard that the main stage was struck by lightning and the church also and we had to look for a shelter, but it was actually very funny;)
But it’s a pity New Cool Collective couldn’t play. But it was nice anyways.
Wouter Hamel and band:

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