donderdag 31 juli 2008

Spanish vintage food for camera's

I wrote this on Tuesday but I had problems with the pictures (so yesterday is monday etc)

I came back a couple of days ago from North-Spain, where I went with my dad and sister. It was really nice, we stayed at 3 different places there. One nearby beaches and old towns, one in the mountains and one in Bilbao. I took a lot of pictures. I wish I could show you all. Here are a few (click on them to see them better):

San Vincente, a city nearby the place (Santilliana del mar) where we stayed.

I'm very into abstract and minimal photography lately, made a lot of minimal/abstract shots (this is not a really good example of that)
The second place where we stayed, the one with the mountains. It was a very pretty old farm.
My dad on the left, surrounded by nature.

We went with a cable car high into the mountains )1850 m). It was really beautiful there. We also saw a couple of vultures.My sister in front of the mountains.

This one is called ´Bird, Bridge & Building in Bilbao´ Me in front of the Guggenheim Museum.

Yesterday I went with my dad to Amsterdam to go to the photography museum. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards I went to a couple of vintage shops.

I bought these two baggy pants. They are very low and soft.
..and these nice blue shoes
And finally a Holga camera! If you wanna know what kind of camera it is, just type holga in google and you should find it.
And of course I had to make a picture of the camera and of me and the camera

Today I went to the Ikea to buy a mirror . The weatherman told me it would be bad weather so I thought Ikea would be a great idea but it wasn´t bad weather so I thought that was kind of mean. But I do have a mirror now, so it´s not thát mean.

I had a delicious dinner outside with my dad. We had Greec wraps with chicken with cinnamon and Tzatsiki. It´s one of my favourite dishes. We had some lovely prosecco with it.

O, and that´s me enjoying the prosecco, hihi.

If anyone has some nice holiday stories, tell me!

© all pictures are copyrighted

zondag 13 juli 2008

Holiday in Spain

Hi everybody!
I'm off for Spain!
Back in 2 weeks or so!
Have fun!

zondag 6 juli 2008


YEAH finally!
sorry I didn't post the past days but I was busy with my testweek and all that.
but that's over now :D
I hope you all will have a wonderful holiday!
here's a song for you guys.
I'm constantly singing this in my head;)
it's Port O'Brien - I woke up today
not the official video but this one is just too cool!
hippy power!