maandag 15 september 2008

Ryan McGinley!!

When I first saw it I immediately fell in love with this editorial with Agyness Deyn in POP Fall/Winter 08!
But I was even more surprised with the name of the photographer.
It was Ryan McGinley!
Now you might not know this, but he is one of my favourite photographers.
I love the way I always get surprised by new work of him:)

Ryan McGinley is only 30 years old and lives in New York and he's very big in the artscene there. He started with photography as a teenager documenting his friends in NY. The art community started to take notice of him when he published a book called 'The kids are alright' and sent it to the artists and magazine editors he loved. At the age of 25, he was the joungest person ever to be given a solo exhibiton in the Witney Museum of American Art. He used to only take pictures of his friends but his newest photographs are shot mainly in a natural settings and focused on subjects interacting spontaneously.

I'm totally in love with his work. All of his pictures have such a strong feeling or mood to them. And I've seen them so many times now but they never get boring:

The band Sigur Rós used a photo of him for their album 'Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust':

Go to for more photos!!

zaterdag 13 september 2008


A couple of days ago I went with some friends to the shed of Suze's parents. We had like an idea to inflate some balloons and have some sort of huge photoshoot with us jumping inbetween all the balloons. This is how it went (had to make the pictures a bit smaller and less quality so uploading was easier)(just a couple of pictures of the large bunch of weird photos):
Inflating balloons is a tough job.
But they look really nice, right?

We actually got really hungry of inflating all those balloons, so it was pizza-time!

Tim and Jasper had to take the guitar back to suze's house or something, but the pizza was already there, so there we sat, 3 people eating pizza in some sort of shed with a lot of balloons.
I said come on Suze, let's make some pictures. So I and Maxine did like a 5 minute photoshoot with Suze. We were all kind of tired/in a weird mood so it was pretty lame and I thought that the pictures would look boring but they were actually pretty cool:

Suze is a fun model;)
Tim and Jasper arrived, we had some more pizza and some beer. It was already time to go back home and we thought, we have to take some quick pictures with us and the balloons, because of not inflating those balloons would have been a waste of time.
Well it ended up being a very weird and messy fotoshoot, without looking at composition or whatever. We just did fun things in front of the camera;) I think they're very funny!
Who made my friends pregnant?
Tim and I were posing, while Jasper was touching his balloony tits and Maxine was concentrating on fixing her balloon
Don't you ever touch Jap's tits, there sacred!
Yeah, Suze's got some fine boobies:D:D
The photos are all copyrighted!!

donderdag 4 september 2008

the finest examples of the other sex

hey guys
or hey girls I think actually
here are my favourite guys I'll never have:


yes, he's awesome

no he's more than awesome

he's freakin awesome

Michael is:
- 20 years old
- Canadian
- an actor
- best known for the movies 'Superbad' and 'Juno' (go watch them!)
- very funny
- supercute

see for yourself (if you don't agree after watching these, I don't think you're a human being):

(yes, he's acting)

I'm the paint!

Convinced right?


I know he's gay.

Do i mind?

Simon is:

- gay (ok, I do mind, wished with all my heart he was straight)
- 28 years old
- english
- a comedian and a television presenter
- very funny
- cutecutecute!

One of the best Nevermind the Buzzcocks (go watch all the shows!):

"I'd rather have cat aids"
This one is so good because not only Simon is extremely funny, but Amy too:D

Simon Amstell on the red carpet:

Support Pajamas For Lamas!

Simon playing psychiatrist with the kooks

Poor Luke Pritchard;)


Who can resist a good redhead?


Rupert is:
- 20 years old
- English
- an actor
- Ron Weasley in HP movies
- sweet, funny shy and cute

Rupert Grint on Graig Ferguson:

he's kinda shy..

maandag 1 september 2008

Pete, you're an ass and I love you

Went to festival de Beschaving yesterday, and it was greeaaattt!!!
I went there with Suze, Tim, Matthijs and Bas, a couple of friends.

We started with Friska Viljor, and they were really good. I didn't expect that.
And I thought singer Joakim was really cute;) We saw him later on standing somewhere and me and Suze wanted to talk to him but we were too scared, so we stood next to him for about 5 minutes, and then I said 'Hey we think you're really great' and then we ran away:p

You probably couldn't see for the lights but you were staring straight at me;) Sweet Joakim.

Daniel from Friska Viljor.

Adam Green was also really cool! And he had the best dance moves ever^^ Go check it out on youtube!

And of course, I had to see the Babyshambles! I was already happy that they actually showed up, but on top of that Pete looked surprisingly sober and they played very well:D
I did got almost crushed, because there were so many people and there was a huge pit, but I didn't care actually;)
Soko and Adam Green also went on stage and sang Twist & Shout from the Beatles along with the Babyshambles. That was awesome:D I filmed it:

(you can find more videos of this on youtube)
Fuck Forever, their final song, was the best and I totally went nuts on my own (I lost my friends somewhere in the pit).

Soko was also absolutely amazing. She sang most of her songs with Kate Nash as backing vocals. She also sang a song with Adam Green called 'Babycat'. That was so funny, because Adam Green made catsounds in a very low voice. I filmed 'I wanna look like a tiger', also with Kate Nash:

Other pics:


Me and Suze with blueberryslushpuppietongues.

Me, Suze and Tim.

I've also seen: Kate Nash (terrible), The Dodos (mwah), The Mystery Jets (very cool!), Voicst (mwah), Pete philly & Perquisite (cool as always), Kaizers Orchestra (not in the mood for that), I am Kloot (only 1 song, but it sounded nice), Slagsmalsklubben (those nerds are great!), Pete & the Pirates (only wanted to hear Mr.understanding, so that's what I did), Boemklatsch (great, again)

It was a wonderful day!