maandag 14 april 2008

Yoho Yoho Yohohoho

Alela Diane was amazing saturday.
Every song was so delicate!
She made us sing and clap along with the Pirate's Gospel, which was really fun:D
When the show was over she came back twice to sing another song for us, because everyone in the concert hall was screaming and clapping so loud.
After the show she was selling cds and tshirts with the girl who performed before her and I thought it would be cool to get her autograph so I asked her and now I have a signed ticket:)

Maybe these days I'm going to write a review of her concert, but I think won't have the time, because I have so many tests lately.

And look what I found!
Little Kate Moss!
She was so cute back then (only 15 years old!).
It was her first shoot.
It's called The Third Summer of Love
and it's shot by Corinne Day.
(It's not the whole shot, I took some of the best)
Sweet sweet girl.
Even then she had photos with sigarettes.
Sorry for the nudity, but this shot is just amazing.

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