woensdag 23 april 2008

Vampire Weekend!

I thought that about now, everyone would have heard about the amazing band called Vampire Weekend. But I mentioned them to a couple of friends the other day and no one seemed to know who they are.
So remember this name: Vampire Weekend.
Though the name might sound kind of goth, it’s the total opposite. This Indie band from New York makes very happy music, with a lot of African tunes mixed into it. Every song begins with a catchy intro, from classical violins to wicked guitars. And then you’ll find yourself in a paradise of fantastic riffs, freaky tunes and wonderful lyrics. From the first second of the album till the last you’ll have a smile on your face.
They sure made my 2008 begin wonderfully!
Best songs: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa & M79 (every song is great actually)


M79 (secret session in Columbia university):

maandag 14 april 2008

Yoho Yoho Yohohoho

Alela Diane was amazing saturday.
Every song was so delicate!
She made us sing and clap along with the Pirate's Gospel, which was really fun:D
When the show was over she came back twice to sing another song for us, because everyone in the concert hall was screaming and clapping so loud.
After the show she was selling cds and tshirts with the girl who performed before her and I thought it would be cool to get her autograph so I asked her and now I have a signed ticket:)

Maybe these days I'm going to write a review of her concert, but I think won't have the time, because I have so many tests lately.

And look what I found!
Little Kate Moss!
She was so cute back then (only 15 years old!).
It was her first shoot.
It's called The Third Summer of Love
and it's shot by Corinne Day.
(It's not the whole shot, I took some of the best)
Sweet sweet girl.
Even then she had photos with sigarettes.
Sorry for the nudity, but this shot is just amazing.

zaterdag 12 april 2008

Alela Diane

I'm very excited, because tonight I'm going to see Alela Diane live!
I don't know if you've ever heard of this girl from Nevada City, but she's amazing.
She's a singer-songwriter who makes beautiful folk songs with a slightly country feeling.
Her songs never sound happy, but it's not that they sound sad, it's a mood inbetween which you can only grasp if you listen to it.
I don't have the time right now to tell you more about her, because I'm going to get some chinese right now and watch my father's new woodstock dvd (which I gave him for his birthday today) and then were going to Alela Diane!

maandag 7 april 2008

I want one!

"Don't tap on the table!"

Do you recognise this sentence?
Well I certainly do, I've been told many times.
I don't know why, because I can drum on tables pretty well, if I say so myself.
But that's all over now, because some sweethearts have thought of a table especially made to drum on!
The percussion tables (the Musical Rumba Series) are available in different sizes and you can rearrange all the percussion inserts whenever you want.
There's only one problem. The tables are way too expensive.
Prizes go from $800-2900.
Would anyone like to sponsor me?

(this guy totally sucks at it, really)


zaterdag 5 april 2008

Street art!

Yesterday I came across some sites with amazing street artists I never heard about.
This is a great one:
Slinkachu places very little people in different parts of London, and then takes 2 photographs of them, one close-up shot and one shot from a faraway position. It has a really cool effect:

You should really take a look at the rest of them!

Another site was the site of street artist called Mark Jenkins:

See those guys making photographs;)

I might be the only one that finds this funny, but this is just first-class toilet humor! :
They make shit look great!
this video is from the site:

And the last one is Joshua Allen Harris. He has placed animals made out of shopping bags on subway ventilation grates in New York so when a metro passes by, the animal sort of jumps up and comes to life. It looks fantastic:

Air Bear

Air Zoo

I love street art!

woensdag 2 april 2008


Hello everyone!
I’m Cleo, and I’ve just started this blog, called Girl under the sea.
I was thinking of writing a fun kind of story yesterday to post as a first post, in which I would tell you about how I think about some things, and it would be very funny and immediately grab your attention so you would continue reading this blog.
But today I thought that maybe it is a better idea to just start of with introducing myself and telling you what this blog will be about(don’t be sad, those stories will come later on, I think).
So, as I said, my name is Cleo and I’m a 16-year-old girl.
I live in the Netherlands (if anyone not Dutch is reading this -> yes, we have tulips here. No, almost nobody wears clogs).
My hobbies are playing guitar, dancing, acting and drawing.
I’m also very interested in music and photography.
I’ve started photography more than a half year ago and I’m trying to get better in it. So that’s a hobby too, of course. I’ve started playing guitar also a half year ago, or maybe a bit earlier.
I’m not that good at it yet, but I will be one day.
I also like to go to the theatre, concerts and museums.

What’s this blog going to be about:
- Music All sorts and styles, as long as I like it. (I especially like singer-songwriters, funky stuff, innovative bands) And maybe I will post my own music later on, because I’m trying to make a short songJ
- Art Great photographers, great painters, great expositions etc. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to post my own drawings. But you will not find my photography here, if you would like to see it, click on the link on the site that says 'my flickr'
- Fashion Fashion shows I like, my own outfits
- Other Theatre shows/concerts I went to, fun websites, nonsense and everything else.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things but you will notice that if you read it!

Here are some of my favourite songs to warm you up (though I’ve got millions of favourite songs):

The Shins – Pink Bullets

Great lyrics, wonderful song.

Damien Rice - Dogs

So sweet and beautiful.

Interpol – Rest My Chemistry

I’ll promise, this song will stick in your head.

The Beatles – I am the walrus

I like the text, because most of it is nonsense. Btw, they wrote it on an acid trip.

John Frusciante - Murderers

You just can’t deny that this is just the tastiest riff you’ve ever heard.

bye bye