donderdag 28 augustus 2008

Photographycamp & Lowlands!!

Long time no see, I know. But I've done so much the last couple of weeks.
I've been to a photographycamp, Buitenkunst. It was amazing! I made a lot of nice photos and the critique on them by the teachers was really good. I'll post those the next couple of days on my flickr, and I'll post some photos that I made on my holiday (there are already about 4 of them on it). Check them out if you like!

I've also been to Lowlands, which was sooooo cool:D:D
I went with Matthijs, Tim and Jasper, a couple of friends of mine.
The highlights: MGMT, Franz Ferdinand, Laura Marling, Pete Philly & Perquisite, Lucky Fonz III, Editors and morrreee..
Some pics I made with a crappy camera:

Beer & weirdness:D

Smokin' Jap.Saskia and Jorinde, two girls I met at Lowlands
After I saw the show of The Kooks in the biggest tent of lowlands, I went with Saskia and Jorinde to the Magneetbar, a little bar where you can sign up to perform an act yourself. When we came, we saw someone playing who looked and sounded a lot like Luke Pritchard, the singer of The Kooks. But we thought that it couldn't possibly be him. Afterwards it turned out that it really was him, and I was only about 2 metres away from him :o
Laura Marling, a female singer/songwriter who I completely adore, she's so good.

Jorinde and Jasper with a ponytail;)

The Editors were so good.
Lowlands is overrr... damn

Has one of you been to Lowlands?

O, school is almost gonna start. I have about 5 days left...:(
Saturday I'm going to de Beschaving, a festival, I'm excited:D