woensdag 2 april 2008


Hello everyone!
I’m Cleo, and I’ve just started this blog, called Girl under the sea.
I was thinking of writing a fun kind of story yesterday to post as a first post, in which I would tell you about how I think about some things, and it would be very funny and immediately grab your attention so you would continue reading this blog.
But today I thought that maybe it is a better idea to just start of with introducing myself and telling you what this blog will be about(don’t be sad, those stories will come later on, I think).
So, as I said, my name is Cleo and I’m a 16-year-old girl.
I live in the Netherlands (if anyone not Dutch is reading this -> yes, we have tulips here. No, almost nobody wears clogs).
My hobbies are playing guitar, dancing, acting and drawing.
I’m also very interested in music and photography.
I’ve started photography more than a half year ago and I’m trying to get better in it. So that’s a hobby too, of course. I’ve started playing guitar also a half year ago, or maybe a bit earlier.
I’m not that good at it yet, but I will be one day.
I also like to go to the theatre, concerts and museums.

What’s this blog going to be about:
- Music All sorts and styles, as long as I like it. (I especially like singer-songwriters, funky stuff, innovative bands) And maybe I will post my own music later on, because I’m trying to make a short songJ
- Art Great photographers, great painters, great expositions etc. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to post my own drawings. But you will not find my photography here, if you would like to see it, click on the link on the site that says 'my flickr'
- Fashion Fashion shows I like, my own outfits
- Other Theatre shows/concerts I went to, fun websites, nonsense and everything else.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things but you will notice that if you read it!

Here are some of my favourite songs to warm you up (though I’ve got millions of favourite songs):

The Shins – Pink Bullets

Great lyrics, wonderful song.

Damien Rice - Dogs

So sweet and beautiful.

Interpol – Rest My Chemistry

I’ll promise, this song will stick in your head.

The Beatles – I am the walrus

I like the text, because most of it is nonsense. Btw, they wrote it on an acid trip.

John Frusciante - Murderers

You just can’t deny that this is just the tastiest riff you’ve ever heard.

bye bye

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Fungus zei

je header is a-we-some
goed idee zo'n eigen tekening
kan je er ook eentje voor mij maken?
doen we wel ern keer bij economieeee
en trouwens matthijs was er wel heur, maar was al 't 4e uit
en ik tjaaa ik was uhh 'ziek' hahaha moeders idee


Matthijs en Tim zei

Well hello.
Why were you searching for Matthijs today? He has seen you, hehe!
We (Tim and Matthijs) are very interested in this blog and we will put a link on our site to yours. Maybe some day, we can cooperate. Nah, we're too big for you hahahaha.
Tor morgen en zeau. Dag x