zaterdag 5 april 2008

Street art!

Yesterday I came across some sites with amazing street artists I never heard about.
This is a great one:
Slinkachu places very little people in different parts of London, and then takes 2 photographs of them, one close-up shot and one shot from a faraway position. It has a really cool effect:

You should really take a look at the rest of them!

Another site was the site of street artist called Mark Jenkins:

See those guys making photographs;)

I might be the only one that finds this funny, but this is just first-class toilet humor! :
They make shit look great!
this video is from the site:

And the last one is Joshua Allen Harris. He has placed animals made out of shopping bags on subway ventilation grates in New York so when a metro passes by, the animal sort of jumps up and comes to life. It looks fantastic:

Air Bear

Air Zoo

I love street art!

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