zondag 26 oktober 2008


This is how I looked the day after Bloc Party. And it's only getting worse.
It started when one guy started screaming ugly words at me. I asked him to just shut up but he just went on with even more cruel words. So I said, let's handle this outside, while I rolled up my sleeves. Man, you should have seen me, I was hitting him like a masterboxer. He was all blue and red. But at the one moment I didn't pay attention he hit me in the eye. But I didn't care, because I had totally beaten his ass. If you only were there..

...Because if you really were there, you knew that I got hit by a girl that went stagediving with heels on. Her heel hit me right in the eye. Yeah, go ahead, laugh at me....;)
Anyway, it was a wonderful concert. And I was so happy they played a lot of songs from their previous albums. They just had so much energy, amazing!
At the end Kele just walked singing into the audience, and at the very end they all stagedived into the audience:D

Some pics I made with a crappy camera:

Big plus: They drank apple juice during the concert! That is my favourite non-alcoholic beverage!!
Btw I just watched Jozef and Freek has won!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for him! Is he single?

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Alice zei

hahaha what a story !!
at first i was thinking, woaw, you're a tough one !!
and then oh my god stupid girl with the heels !!!
woaw you got lucky not to get more damage on your eye, it's so fragile !!

thank you so much for your nice comments !!

i am hoping for some advice to make my blog better, feel free to let me know what you think !


onomatopoeia zei

aaah arme jij ;) maar bloc party is wel heel erg gaaf ♥

ik heb je trouwens getagged!

getting-freaky zei

vechtersbaasje, haha. hopen dat het snel weg is en dat die gast niks stom meer tegen je gaat roepen.

Anoniem zei

bloc party's first album is amazing

Mirthe zei

Aaaah, het zou wel erg vet zijn als je echt zo'n gast in elkaar geslagen had;) Hahaha.
Bloc Party is cool! Wat leuk dat je daar was!(:

Young Mind zei

ahhhh, i love bloc party :)