zondag 12 oktober 2008

Some stunning photographs by Camille Vivier for Dazed & Confused.

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Charlotte zei

Echt prachtig! =)

Mila zei

Prachtig!!!!!! <3

Ik heb je een award gegeven, kijk even op mn blog!

Hope you like it!

Bye dear!

*indie_queen* zei

Those pictures are insane and beautiful- great blog

Betsey zei

wow, these are beautiful

Dream on zei

zoo mooi!

danica zei

I love these photographs...so magical and haunting. Thanks for visiting me blog. I think yours is wonderful :)


Oh, wow I LOVE these. I used to play the cello in high school so I have a soft spot for them!

Betsey zei
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Anoniem zei

very very cool photos.
you're blog is rad cleo. x

jiscilla zei

I'm new to your blog and i'm loving everything about it