zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

We dance to the sound of sirens

YEAH! I won 2 tickets and now I'm gonna see Bloc Party live tonight :D
I'm so excited, eventhough I don't like their new album as much as their other 2 albums.
I was looking for a picture of them, when I saw this:
That sounded pretty weird to me, I wonder how it will be tonight;)

Look what I found:

I think these drawing from Ashley Lande are amazing, kinda psychedelic too. The first one made me think of Devendra Banhart somehow.

6 opmerkingen:

Fungus zei

hahah aja chocolade melk cleo!
nee sjjjjt mijn papa leest mijn blog ook
ik moest wel :|
ik had natuurlijk graag neer gezet dat ik stiekem een minderjarige alcoholist ben

Anoniem zei

wow, you are lucky. i have never won anything like free tix :O
hahaha have fun. hihihi sounds like they had a very special audience in utrecht. "erotic energy" wahaha :Dmo

Anoniem zei

die tekeningen zijn geweldig!

LivreMysterieux zei

I agree with you about those illustrations! They are marvelous. And so is your blog!

Alice zei

waw !! those drawings are so good !!

Gerlin zei

Did you know Devendra Banhart makes art too? I saw some of it on 'It's not Only Rock 'n Roll Baby', an expo with artwork from musicians, here's some stuff if you're interested: (the first link is from the expo I'm talking about)