maandag 15 september 2008

Ryan McGinley!!

When I first saw it I immediately fell in love with this editorial with Agyness Deyn in POP Fall/Winter 08!
But I was even more surprised with the name of the photographer.
It was Ryan McGinley!
Now you might not know this, but he is one of my favourite photographers.
I love the way I always get surprised by new work of him:)

Ryan McGinley is only 30 years old and lives in New York and he's very big in the artscene there. He started with photography as a teenager documenting his friends in NY. The art community started to take notice of him when he published a book called 'The kids are alright' and sent it to the artists and magazine editors he loved. At the age of 25, he was the joungest person ever to be given a solo exhibiton in the Witney Museum of American Art. He used to only take pictures of his friends but his newest photographs are shot mainly in a natural settings and focused on subjects interacting spontaneously.

I'm totally in love with his work. All of his pictures have such a strong feeling or mood to them. And I've seen them so many times now but they never get boring:

The band Sigur Rós used a photo of him for their album 'Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust':

Go to for more photos!!

8 opmerkingen:

whatshername zei

wow i really like the pics with agyness. looks so surreal.
and the sigur rós albumcover is fantastic!

Charlotte zei

Supermooie foto's.
Hij maakt echt gave foto's, altijd vernieuwend en dat je er langer naar blijft kijken.
Die shoot met Agyness is geweldig, hoe kom je daar ook echt op!

Dream on zei

Woow echt prachtige foto's!

Femke zei

Hee cleo, supergave blog! Love it. Welke buitenkunst ben je nou geweest?
Btw, je had een foto voor het Guggenheim, waar the fuck was dat?? haha ik was er ook maar dat was in ny.
Take care

Femke zei

Oohohoh Die gast is echt geniaal! Keek net op z'n site Echt heel gaaf, ik ga het meteen even delen met andere mensen ahha.

Mila zei

Prachtig alle foto's! Behalve van Agyness, ik weet niet waarom...maar kkan haar niet echt uitstaan. ;)

Doei, fijne nacht!

getting-freaky zei

mooie foto's enzo!
jammer dat ik bij je volgende post niet kan reageren want de liedjes van Lykke Li zijn super leuk ik ben ze meteen gaan downloaden! xx

Betsey zei

oh wow i love these
what an amazing photographer!
thanks for posting this!