maandag 1 september 2008

Pete, you're an ass and I love you

Went to festival de Beschaving yesterday, and it was greeaaattt!!!
I went there with Suze, Tim, Matthijs and Bas, a couple of friends.

We started with Friska Viljor, and they were really good. I didn't expect that.
And I thought singer Joakim was really cute;) We saw him later on standing somewhere and me and Suze wanted to talk to him but we were too scared, so we stood next to him for about 5 minutes, and then I said 'Hey we think you're really great' and then we ran away:p

You probably couldn't see for the lights but you were staring straight at me;) Sweet Joakim.

Daniel from Friska Viljor.

Adam Green was also really cool! And he had the best dance moves ever^^ Go check it out on youtube!

And of course, I had to see the Babyshambles! I was already happy that they actually showed up, but on top of that Pete looked surprisingly sober and they played very well:D
I did got almost crushed, because there were so many people and there was a huge pit, but I didn't care actually;)
Soko and Adam Green also went on stage and sang Twist & Shout from the Beatles along with the Babyshambles. That was awesome:D I filmed it:

(you can find more videos of this on youtube)
Fuck Forever, their final song, was the best and I totally went nuts on my own (I lost my friends somewhere in the pit).

Soko was also absolutely amazing. She sang most of her songs with Kate Nash as backing vocals. She also sang a song with Adam Green called 'Babycat'. That was so funny, because Adam Green made catsounds in a very low voice. I filmed 'I wanna look like a tiger', also with Kate Nash:

Other pics:


Me and Suze with blueberryslushpuppietongues.

Me, Suze and Tim.

I've also seen: Kate Nash (terrible), The Dodos (mwah), The Mystery Jets (very cool!), Voicst (mwah), Pete philly & Perquisite (cool as always), Kaizers Orchestra (not in the mood for that), I am Kloot (only 1 song, but it sounded nice), Slagsmalsklubben (those nerds are great!), Pete & the Pirates (only wanted to hear Mr.understanding, so that's what I did), Boemklatsch (great, again)

It was a wonderful day!

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Inger zei

No Mogwai???!!!

cleolikesyou zei

Should I?
Slagsmalsklubben and Soko were playing at that time, also great fun:D

Mila zei

Ah wat een leuke foto's! <3

Bedankt voor je lieve lieve lieve berichtje op mn blog...ik vind het zo fijn om zulke dingen te lezen.
Echt onwijs bedankt.
En super dat je mn blog zo leuk vindt!

Hele fijne week meis,


ooohmaureen zei

je hebt echt een hele leuk blog :)

Inger zei

Slagsmalsklubben is also very fun, eh! Danced like fóóls at LL XD

I just wanted to go to DeBeschaving because of Mogwai.. But it was my granny's birthday, and I don't want to miss that kinda things; just because it can be the last one. But in a way I'm happy I don't know anyone who've seen Mogwai playing.. I would've been very jealous XD

cleolikesyou zei

Good for you, I heard Mogwai played horrible.

la petite mademoiselle zei

wat leuk! ik wou ook naar de beschaving:D! bedankt voor je reacite! agyness heeft daar id soort van andyhaar, ook een beetje einstein achtig:P