donderdag 4 september 2008

the finest examples of the other sex

hey guys
or hey girls I think actually
here are my favourite guys I'll never have:


yes, he's awesome

no he's more than awesome

he's freakin awesome

Michael is:
- 20 years old
- Canadian
- an actor
- best known for the movies 'Superbad' and 'Juno' (go watch them!)
- very funny
- supercute

see for yourself (if you don't agree after watching these, I don't think you're a human being):

(yes, he's acting)

I'm the paint!

Convinced right?


I know he's gay.

Do i mind?

Simon is:

- gay (ok, I do mind, wished with all my heart he was straight)
- 28 years old
- english
- a comedian and a television presenter
- very funny
- cutecutecute!

One of the best Nevermind the Buzzcocks (go watch all the shows!):

"I'd rather have cat aids"
This one is so good because not only Simon is extremely funny, but Amy too:D

Simon Amstell on the red carpet:

Support Pajamas For Lamas!

Simon playing psychiatrist with the kooks

Poor Luke Pritchard;)


Who can resist a good redhead?


Rupert is:
- 20 years old
- English
- an actor
- Ron Weasley in HP movies
- sweet, funny shy and cute

Rupert Grint on Graig Ferguson:

he's kinda shy..

7 opmerkingen:

discothequechic zei

I just spent wayy to long watching all of the videos on this post.

Seriously, I was going to get an early night!

I'm glad you know about Simon Amstell; I kind of thought that he was only a British thing. And that episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks really was one of the best, such a classic!

I once saw him at a train station actually.

Sighh, I'll take Cera.

great post, by the way.

Charlotte zei

Haha, dit is echt cool.
Ik hou echt van Micheal Cera en Rupert Grint.
Micheal is echt zo schattig, en Rupert is Engels en dat is al wel genoeg =).
Leuke post met die filmpjes!

Mila zei

hee meis!!
Dat zijn idd geen verkeerde exemplaren die je daarneer gezet hebt! ;)

Superbedankt voor al je lieve comments! Ik vind het zo leuk om te lezen.

Veel liefs!

onomatopoeia zei

aaah Michael Cera is zo'n schatje <3 Ik vond hem al enig in Superbad en na Juno was ik helemaal overtuigd :p

Inger zei

Sighhh... Redheads.. Or guys with a great British accent... Which normal human being can resist that..

Mirthe zei

Hou op, ik begin te kwijlen!

Young Mind zei

RON! i love ron weasley... ahhh i thought i was alone!
well, you seem to be referring to the actual actor, but i love ron!

and michael cera is so funny, you should watch arrested development, the best tv series :)