zaterdag 13 september 2008


A couple of days ago I went with some friends to the shed of Suze's parents. We had like an idea to inflate some balloons and have some sort of huge photoshoot with us jumping inbetween all the balloons. This is how it went (had to make the pictures a bit smaller and less quality so uploading was easier)(just a couple of pictures of the large bunch of weird photos):
Inflating balloons is a tough job.
But they look really nice, right?

We actually got really hungry of inflating all those balloons, so it was pizza-time!

Tim and Jasper had to take the guitar back to suze's house or something, but the pizza was already there, so there we sat, 3 people eating pizza in some sort of shed with a lot of balloons.
I said come on Suze, let's make some pictures. So I and Maxine did like a 5 minute photoshoot with Suze. We were all kind of tired/in a weird mood so it was pretty lame and I thought that the pictures would look boring but they were actually pretty cool:

Suze is a fun model;)
Tim and Jasper arrived, we had some more pizza and some beer. It was already time to go back home and we thought, we have to take some quick pictures with us and the balloons, because of not inflating those balloons would have been a waste of time.
Well it ended up being a very weird and messy fotoshoot, without looking at composition or whatever. We just did fun things in front of the camera;) I think they're very funny!
Who made my friends pregnant?
Tim and I were posing, while Jasper was touching his balloony tits and Maxine was concentrating on fixing her balloon
Don't you ever touch Jap's tits, there sacred!
Yeah, Suze's got some fine boobies:D:D
The photos are all copyrighted!!

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Max zei


Deze foto's zijn zo vet he. je moet ze me een keertje allemaal sturen of op mn usb zetten of evt. op een cd.


ooohmaureen zei

hahahaa leuke foto's :D x

Mirthe zei

Aah, super vet!

Je blog is leuk!


Cassie Casserole zei

Love the photos!

Mila zei

Hihi, jullie zien er zo leuk en gelukkig uit! heerlijk om naar te kijken. ;)

Balonnen zijn geweldig, ik houd echt van ze. Foto's vrolijken er altijd van op he!?


Betsey zei

these are so fun!!


Oooh, fun!!! I haven't blown balloons up in the longest time!