woensdag 25 juni 2008

Russian Red

Let me tell you about one of my new discoveries: Russian Red

Russian Red is a female singer-songwriter called Lourdes Hernandez. This 22-year-old student is stylish, beautiful ánd talented. She comes from Madrid but wisely chose to sing her songs in English, so more people can relate to them. She has a wonderful voice that is capable of making unique thrills. Her songs are accompanied by the sound of her delicate guitar playing. The instrumentation is on all most every song minimal, but that adds to the soft and honest feeling the songs have.

She just launched her first album, called 'I love your glasses' and I think it's a great succes. You might have to get used to her voice, which is very unique, but I'm sure that after that you'll notice that this girl has got a great future in music. She's at the moment only known in Spain, but I think that by the end of this year, her music has spread through the rest of Europe.

And I like to contribute to that;) So, you should all go and listen Russian Red!

Here is a video of one of her best songs, 'Cigarettes' (she had no official music videos yet so this is just someone's recording) :

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/russianready
Recommended songs: Cigarettes, Gone, play on, No past land
Recommended to: Regina Spektor-fans


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