dinsdag 10 juni 2008


I know, it’s a bit late, but I haven’t got the time yet to tell you about Patrick Watson :D
So now I thought, girl, what’s more important, spreading the word that Patrick Watson is the most awesome guy in the world, or learning for my Dutch test.
The choice was easily made.
Well, here’s the story:
It was a normal Monday evening. Everyone was sitting at home in front of the tv or knitting or whatever. But four friends, and a couple of Czech people who happened to be at the right place and the right time, were lucky enough to spend this evening way better than any other person in the city.
A train arrived. It was the train that went to Den Haag. People stepped in to go home, to have a dinner with a friend or just because they liked trains. But the four friends and the 2 Czech people were on a mission. They arrived in Den Haag and started walking. No one knew where they went. They walked miles and miles until they saw a building with a big ‘P’. “this must be it”, one of them said. They stepped in, put of their coats and walked the stairs. When one of them opened the door, it made a creaking sound. In the room, there were a couple of people standing in groups. No one seemed to bother the fact that the four friends and the 2 Czech people came into the room. They waited, while one of them was getting some sort of gold yellow liquid.
A band started to play. A couple of people turned their head to the stage, while others thought about the meaning of life. It began to get more crowded in the room. They were there for only one thing, just like the four friends and the 2 Czech people, which was about to start any minute. People got quiet, and suddenly, there he was:

It was supppperaaweesomme:D:D
It was a whole spectacle including singing saws, electric toothbrushes and good good music!!

I’ve made some pictures, but they are not so good, because I could only take a crappy camera with me.

It's such a lovely photo, isn't it:D

Mr Watson himself, producing one of his 'soon's.

guitar player
an amazing horn player and the same guitarist.

btw I also made this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLDVnbxriYc with that crappy camera, it's a part of the song 'Man under the sea' which was so lovely. He went into the public and made them sing along.

o, one thing:
listen to his music:)

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hmm, i often hera his name. should investigate further!