maandag 9 februari 2009

Skinny Love

I'm in love with Bon Iver, especially this song:

Sorry, I couldn't choose between them..
So happy that they will play @ lowlands!
Just some music for today, a big art post tomorrow!

4 opmerkingen:

alkaloidgirl zei

Hi! How do you get youtube to post like that?? Mine only posts as a link.

Mila zei

Ik ga de liedjes later beluisteren...heb nu iets anders op. ;)

Ik heb je getagged, hopelijk wil je meedoen!


Young Mind zei

i am in love with that video of bon iver playing skinny love. it always gives me shivers up my spine.


Susanna-Cole zei

Oh my goodness, I've been obessed with that song for so long! Sometimes songs get old, and I'll be bored with them, but my love for "Skinny Love" never dies! ;)