zaterdag 7 februari 2009

tickle me pink

I found a lovely webshop: Makool loves you
Look at all this! :

I want this bicycle necklace!

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setyourselfonfire zei

Hey hun, cute blog :) I love the jewellery in this post, oh and i love Bright Eyes too!

I would love to do a package swap. Email your details to and i'll email you back mine. I have my hands pretty full at the moment so give me a little bit of time :)

tigermilk zei

wow great finds!..and thank you ;)

Alice zei

all precious !!!

Mila zei

jaaaa, geweldige dingen!
Bedankt voor je lieve comment (as aways!)


Noemi Sunshine Ferst zei

I want the bicycle necklace too.

Mirthe zei

Aah leuk dat je daarnaar luistert! Ik ken echt niemand die daar naar luistert. Echt leuk.
Deze gast is echt helemaal geweldig:

Hij komt vrijdag in Paradiso!


Oh my, that necklace is so so lovely!

Fenny Wong zei

that skirt is lovely.

somehow the ribbon print on the bag and the top reminds me of anya hindmarch's logo... hahaha, aren't they?