zondag 6 juli 2008


YEAH finally!
sorry I didn't post the past days but I was busy with my testweek and all that.
but that's over now :D
I hope you all will have a wonderful holiday!
here's a song for you guys.
I'm constantly singing this in my head;)
it's Port O'Brien - I woke up today
not the official video but this one is just too cool!
hippy power!

4 opmerkingen:

friemol zei

alvast veel plezier in je vakantie ! &ooh wat een leuk/vrolijk liedje :D. en ik link je terug =)

alluretone zei

would be glad to :)

im having a very nice holiday so far- in nyc right now! hope you have a nice one as well.

Paris Tarts zei

Thanks for the comment! And I would love to exchange linkage!! :)



That circle dress in the picture is awesome! I really like your blog! :)