donderdag 31 juli 2008

Spanish vintage food for camera's

I wrote this on Tuesday but I had problems with the pictures (so yesterday is monday etc)

I came back a couple of days ago from North-Spain, where I went with my dad and sister. It was really nice, we stayed at 3 different places there. One nearby beaches and old towns, one in the mountains and one in Bilbao. I took a lot of pictures. I wish I could show you all. Here are a few (click on them to see them better):

San Vincente, a city nearby the place (Santilliana del mar) where we stayed.

I'm very into abstract and minimal photography lately, made a lot of minimal/abstract shots (this is not a really good example of that)
The second place where we stayed, the one with the mountains. It was a very pretty old farm.
My dad on the left, surrounded by nature.

We went with a cable car high into the mountains )1850 m). It was really beautiful there. We also saw a couple of vultures.My sister in front of the mountains.

This one is called ´Bird, Bridge & Building in Bilbao´ Me in front of the Guggenheim Museum.

Yesterday I went with my dad to Amsterdam to go to the photography museum. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards I went to a couple of vintage shops.

I bought these two baggy pants. They are very low and soft.
..and these nice blue shoes
And finally a Holga camera! If you wanna know what kind of camera it is, just type holga in google and you should find it.
And of course I had to make a picture of the camera and of me and the camera

Today I went to the Ikea to buy a mirror . The weatherman told me it would be bad weather so I thought Ikea would be a great idea but it wasn´t bad weather so I thought that was kind of mean. But I do have a mirror now, so it´s not thát mean.

I had a delicious dinner outside with my dad. We had Greec wraps with chicken with cinnamon and Tzatsiki. It´s one of my favourite dishes. We had some lovely prosecco with it.

O, and that´s me enjoying the prosecco, hihi.

If anyone has some nice holiday stories, tell me!

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7 opmerkingen:

The Clothes Horse zei

Gorgeous pictures. I'm stilling waiting for my holiday... >_<
Oh, and yes I take all of my own pictures. I use a self-timer.

Cassie Casserole zei

cool cool camera! And I really like your header

Mila zei

Zoo leuk! Echt een leuke post om te lezen.
Super dat je een Holga cam hebt, ik heb eindelijk een polaroid camera bemachtigd op nog ontvangen en aan de slag maar!

:) Mila.

Paris Tarts zei

I love your pictures and you look beautiful :) Soo glad you got a mirror.


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder zei

wow, it looks like you had an amazing time.
i am in love with your wonderful blog!! :)

agnes zei

those pics all look soo peaceful and beautiful. Hope you have a great time there! and welcome back!


ah wat geweldig! een holga!
ik smacht echt naar een holga!
superleuk dat je er een hebt.
ik ga er zeker weten ook een aanschaffen.
eerst maar even sparen voor een fujifilm instax 200 (: