maandag 3 november 2008


I still don't know what to think of tattoos. They can be very beautiful, but most of the times I think they're rather ugly. Like those little hearts or skull/roses or tribaltattoos. I think that if you decide to take one, you should take one that noone has, something unique. I do like tattoos in that way, but I still think I would never take one, what if you ever change your mind about it?

These next ones delight me very much (they're not real actually, they're projected on the body):

And you must look at this gorgeous one:
I think that if I would (which would probably never happen), I would get a giant beautiful fish tattood on my back or hip/groin, or mayble a tiny little bird:)
Do you have any tattoos? What kind of tattoo do you have?

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whatshername zei

I love tattoos and I really want one, but I always think "what if I change my mind??" enoying.
one day I'll do it. I mean, you only live once:)

mei_yun zei

Indeed , the tattoos on the photographs are really cool.
But also big.
I will rather choose for a smaller one. But I think it hurts a lot.
And what if you don't like the tattoo anymore? If you 'remove' it , you will have a scar for the rest of your life.

btw, I really like your blog!


wow, this is breathtaking!
lovely post.

Female Action Star zei

yeah these tattoos are the bomb! I really digg em...